Much has been done and hard work is yet to continue after the winter holidays!
It´s a wrap!

It´s been a busy year and hard work is yet to continue after the winder holidays! Much has been done since the start of the project:

participation in 53 international events

12 article publications

2 workshops delivered

Thank you for your interest in AWARD news and for your participation in our polls and surveys. Indeed, your contribution has been evident. We wish you happy holidays! 

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Let us know what you think! AWARD aims to develop systems for “All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations“. Currently, we are studying the business aspects related to autonomous logistics operations and need your feedback! The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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The hub to hub and port use cases planning starts in winter 2023!

We´ve covered a range of topics at the latest AWARD´s annual meeting in which we reviewed the progress of the project, the summary of expert feedback, and a vision paper workshop. A strong emphasis was placed on the use cases which we will start to plan in the winter of 2023. The project monitoring and data collection task aim at improving the methodology to perform harmonised project monitoring and data collection for all the demonstrators. As next year´s highlight, we will have the test plans written by all demonstrators. For a further update on the use-cases click on the button below.

How does public feel about the AVs?

We´ve been conducting weekly polls which aim to synthesize the public acceptance attitudes toward AVs. The image below helps us draw conclusions on how possible end users perceive the market for AVs nowadays, as well as to take on board opinions on what the future of automation may look like, specifically for the AWARD 4 use cases: automation for logistics hubs, airports, ports, and warehouses. 

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Multiple sensors in TractEasy!
As EasyMile's most advanced product, it was chosen to be our mule, or test vehicle, with a TractEasy being equipped with the AWARD sensor suite for testing at EasyMile’s home base in Toulouse as well as on AWARD partners' sites.
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Few perks from the latest events
The AWARD Business Models Workshop results
The results are ready! The workshop went beyond the survey and debated the results, to identify the ways different applications of automation should be commercialised.
AWARD at Transport Research Arena | TRA Conference 2022
What is Transport Research Arena – TRA Conference 2022? The Transport Research Arena (TRA) is the biggest European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility, which takes place every…
AWARD at the CVT Symposium Kaiserslautern
The team AWARD at the CVT Symposium Kaiserslautern had an opportunity to exchange know-how with professionals from industry and academia in the domains of trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and special-purpose vehicles.
AWARD at the 1st Review Meeting in Brussels
AWARD at 1st review meeting The First Review Meeting for the AWARD H2020 project took place in Brussels, on the 6th of September 2022 and was hosted by IRU, the…

The AWARD international team participated in a number of events throughout Europe.


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