AWARD at Tech.AD

AWARD presented their contribution to Sustainable Transport in Tech.AD at the Webinar “Good Journey from Ports to Customers: Smart & Sustainable Ports of the Future”

What is TECH.AD?

The Automotive Tech.AD Berlin is the world’s leading knowledge exchange platform bringin together all stakeholders who play an active role in the vehicle automation scene. It gives precise insights info into new business prospects & technical strategies while offering the chance to discuss the specific roadmaps for vehicle automation.

Why did AWARD participate?

The webinar was a knowledge-share on operating experiences, methodology and technical approaches on AWARD Project: Measuring and reporting operational impacts of adverse weather, methodology to analyse field data and addressing adverse weather at a system level.

Recent expectations for autonomous driving have evolved. Hype the technology could solve everything quickly is diminishing and the market is shifting to a more realistic approach, quality over quantity. With this new, delimited perimeter, autonomous vehicle solution clients want robust performances, especially under adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog.

Do you want to know more? Check out the presentation.

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