AWARD at ARTS 2021

Breakout session with other CCAM projectS to present the AWARD approach on scaling autonomous logistics at the international Automated Road Transportation Symposium.

What is ARTS 2021?

Convened by TRB, the 2021 Automated Road Transportation Symposium (ARTS21)  it is the continuation of TRB’s annual summer symposia on automated vehicle systems. One of the most important symposiums around the world.

ARTS is unique among conferences about transportation automation.  It is produced by a group of ~200 TRB volunteers, experts in their field, who dedicate themselves to creating balanced agendas that help to inform attendees about ongoing research, business developments, public agency investments and operations, and policy formation.  Every year, the ARTS program comprises a timely mix of influential plenary speakers and breakout sessions to provide local, national, and international perspectives on AV policy and practice.  This year’s agenda addressed safety assurance, business developments, roadway operations, human factors, public acceptance, trucking, transit, legislative and regulatory affairs, and more. 

Why did AWARD participate?

Our partnerts, Easy Mile and Enide virtually presented AWARD by their approach on scaling autonomous logistics focusing on new horizons for connected, cooperative and automated mobility. 

Do you want to know more? Check out the presentation.

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