AWARD for sustainable transport

AWARD was presented at the ITS World Congress 2021 – Webinar 4: “Goods journey from ports to customers”. Our project partner Continental explained how AWARD is contributing to smart and sustainable ports of the future.

What is ITS World Congress 2021?

The ITS World Congress is the biggest event focused on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport. Every year, ERTICO organises an ITS regional or World Congress in Europe. The Congresses underline the importance of smart mobility and of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and are raise awareness of smart mobility solutions among policy makers, experts and the general public. 

ERTICO-ITS Europe organised a Webinar Series to give a taste of the conference topics in autumn 2021, ranging from Automated and connected driving to new technologies, from MaaS to smart logistics and intelligent infrastructure.

Why did AWARD participate?

As an innovative H2020 project scaling autonomous logistics, AWARD participated in Webinar 4: “Goods Journey from Ports to Customers – Smart and Sustainable Ports of the Future.” The project partner Continental explained the AWARD contribution to sustainable transport, especially with regard to port operations. You can download the presentation from our presentations webpage. You can also watch the video above and relive the event.

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