AWARD at Nordic EV Summit

Applied Autonomy presented AWARD H2020 at Nordic EV Summit to explain the latest news about autonomous electric mobility.

What is Nordic EV Summit?

The Nordic EV Summit is highly renowned as one of the most important venues for the EV industry in Europe. The summit gather decision-makers from policy, industry, research and organizations, to connect and discuss how to electrify the transport sector as fast as possible. It is an international conference with participants from all over the world.

Why did AWARD participate?

Olav Madland from Applied Autonomy presented AWARD as the new step on future transport and mobility. Thanks to the AWARD, logistics operations will be optimised because of a new flow management system that will act as a control tower, gatheting all information from subsystems (vehicles, road sensors, IT systems, etc.) to coordinate the operations and protect vulnerable road users with a more systemic approach.

Do you want to know more? Check out the presentation.

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