AWARD at the STORM Stakeholder Workshop

AWARD took part in Stakeholder Workshop: Future trends and challenges in freight and logistics and impact on policies organized by STORM H2020 project Smart freight TranspOrt and logistics Research Methodologies.

The workshop consisted of two sessions (session 1) Digitalised logistics which opened a discussion about how certain digital technologies could be implemented in logistics markets and institutions to make logistics more responsive to customers and more efficient; and (session 2) Big Data in Enhancing the Modeling of Freight Transport Transitions which put emphasis on the state of the art in the analysis of Big Data sources and the current knowledge gaps for Big Data analytics in road freight transport.

The workshop was attended by the stakeholders linked to the freight and transport sector: STORM project Advisory Board members, ERTICO’s network stakeholders and invited stakeholders from other EU projects, AWARD, BOOSTLOG, NuMIDAS, DIGILOGIC, URBANIZED.

Mads Skovsgaard Project Manager at DFDS presenting AWARD

EU projects at STORM Stakeholder workshop

Why is AWARD participating?

During the workshop, the STORM H2020 project provided insights from recent research output on challenges and needs of the freight sector and logistics area, utilization of novel data sources and future policies. AWARD as an EU-level stakeholder along with other EU projects contributed to feedback, discussions and promotion of project findings in collaboration with other EU-funded projects on common research and innovation topics. 

All-Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) project aims to bring disruptive change to the trucking industry, fleet operators, and the whole logistics sector. DFDS who took part in the workshop on behalf of the AWARD consortium is part of the project as a use case leader. It will oversee the testing of an autonomous Terberg Special Vehicles tug master which will take place at the port in Vlaardingen. Among others, AWARD shared its know-how as well as experience, and challenges faced when it comes to contributing to the accelerated deployment of innovative, connected and automated freight transport solutions in Europe and around the world.

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