AWARD at the 2022 ITS World Congress in LA

AWARD participated in the ITS World Congress held in Los Angeles from September 18th to 22nd, 2022. The project was represented by Cerema with the support of ITS Norway, both consortium partners in the AWARD H2020 project. 

The 2022 ITS World Congress which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, stands as the preeminent global gathering for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) professionals. Annually, a diverse spectrum of industry stakeholders, including policymakers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, investors, and other thought leaders, convene across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region in a rotating manner. The ITS World Congress offers a dynamic platform for live educational sessions, wherein industry experts unveil the latest advancements in ITS. Additionally, it hosts tours and demonstrations that vividly illustrate cutting-edge technologies in practical applications. The event includes numerous networking opportunities and features a comprehensive expo floor, making it an essential engagement for all those involved in the ITS landscape.

Sébastien Liandrat the R&D Intelligent Transport System Engineer – PAVIN fog & rain platform manager, gave a generic presentation about Cerema‘s PAVIN Fog and Rain platform, and its application into the AWARD project. Content summery: autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly realistic, with notable advancements in recent years. However, certain technological challenges still persist, with adverse weather conditions being a significant obstacle, particularly in achieving level 3 vehicle autonomy. To overcome these hurdles, the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) requires dedicated physical testing facilities alongside numerical simulations. The Cerema Pavin fog & rain platform, established in the 1980s, has been at the forefront of adverse weather research and development. This paper provides an overview of the platform’s evolution, highlighting its contributions to assessing adverse weather’s impact on human and computer vision systems, weather classification, and numerical simulation of fog and rain. It also discusses the platform’s future prospects in addressing emerging mobility challenges.

*To have a thorough insight on this topic download for free: ´A Review of the Cerema PAVIN fog & rain platform: from past and back to the future´ presentation here and a fully published paper here.

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