AWARD at the IAA 2022 in Hanover

AWARD was showcased at the CARA‘s booth in collaboration with EasyMile, Applied Autonomy, and CertX during the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 trade fair from 20 to 25 September 2022– renowned as the world’s foremost platform for the commercial vehicle industry’s future. This event, integral to staying abreast of industry developments, provided a significant avenue for AWARD’s presentation.


Being a part of the ‘Beyond Transport & Logistics – IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022’ was of paramount importance for AWARD H2020. The event served as a pivotal platform to address the dynamic shifts in global trade and evolving logistics chains. As delivery and freight traffic adapt to new urban mobility paradigms, this event, renowned as the foremost platform for the future of the commercial vehicle industry, stood at the forefront of these developments.

The IAA TRANSPORTATION provided a comprehensive panorama of transport, encompassing a spectrum from electric and hydrogen-powered buses to connected, automated truck fleets and driverless people movers. A place where industry leaders convened, it offered a unique opportunity to exhibit products, solutions, and concepts to a diverse global audience. This gathering facilitated meaningful connections, discussions, and transactions, underlining its significance as a year’s industry meeting point.

In 2022, the IAA TRANSPORTATION showcased a special focus on bus transportation, with a dedicated hall underscoring the importance of buses in shaping tomorrow’s urban mobility. AWARD H2020’s participation aligned seamlessly with the event’s emphasis on innovation, making it an invaluable avenue to contribute to discussions, collaborations, and advancements within the evolving landscape of transportation and logistics.



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