AWARD at mFUND Workshop No. 14: “Resilience of mobility infrastructure in response of climate crisis and extreme weather”

Image – Copy right: BMDV

The AWARD project took center stage at mFUND-Workshop N. 14, “Data Innovations for Smart Mobility in Europe,” focusing on the resilience of mobility infrastructure in response to the climate crisis and extreme weather. This workshop, held digitally via Zoom on November 9, 2022, brought together experts to discuss the urgent need for resilient mobility solutions in the face of escalating climate impacts.

The event explored how rapid changes in climate are not only increasing the frequency of extreme weather events but are also intensifying their impacts on global mobility networks. The disruption of these networks can have far-reaching effects on society, accentuating social inequalities and hampering economic activities.

During the workshop, participants delved into innovative solutions that leverage data to enhance the resilience of mobility infrastructure, offering rapid responses to extreme weather conditions to minimize potential damages. The discussions highlighted the dual role of smart mobility: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing current challenges posed by the climate crisis.

Arwed Schmidt from EasyMile, representing the AWARD project, shared insights into weather-independent, autonomous logistics solutions that exemplify the integration of advanced technologies and data-driven approaches to maintain mobility in all weather conditions.

The workshop is part of the ongoing mFUND series initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, which aims to foster a European dialogue on smart mobility solutions and encourage collaboration among various stakeholders in the transport sector. This series continues to be a pivotal platform for sharing knowledge and developing partnerships that drive forward the mobility innovations necessary for a resilient future.

You can download the presentations for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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