AWARD at the Austria’s Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem 2023

In a significant online event titled “Austria’s Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem” held from March 28-30, 2023, Straub Doris from Bizup presented a comprehensive view of Austria’s flourishing autonomous mobility landscape. The webinar was part of the RECIPROCITY project’s initiatives to broaden the understanding and integration of autonomous driving technologies across Europe.

During the presentation, the “Autonomous Mobility Landscape Austria” was unveiled, which lists all stakeholders involved in autonomous driving in the country, including companies, research and development institutions, and ongoing projects. Among the projects highlighted was AWARD, which stands as a pivotal part of this ecosystem. Oliver Zendel from AIT also spoke at the event, further emphasizing AIT’s role in advancing autonomous mobility research.

The landscape, developed in collaboration with students from the University of Applied Sciences Steyr, acts as both a navigational tool through the complex field of autonomous technologies and a networking platform for fostering collaborations in research and funding.

The webinar attracted around 40 participants who were treated to an array of presentations detailing various autonomous projects spearheaded by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). The range of autonomous solutions discussed included everything from streetcars and buses to robotic mowers, illustrating the wide applicability of driverless technology. Additionally, the session highlighted the current challenges that impede broader adoption of autonomous driving solutions.

This event not only showcased the vibrant autonomous driving scene in Austria but also positioned the AWARD project as a key contributor to the nation’s leadership in autonomous mobility innovations.

You can download the presentations for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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