AWARD at the EVS Nordic Summit

*Photo credits: This is Nordic EV Summit 2023 – Nordic EV Summit

AWARD took part in the NORDIC EV SUMMIT (EVS Nordic Summit) event on 5th April 2023 in Oslo, Norway. was a significant event centred around the advancement of zero-emission mobility. Held in Oslo, often recognized as the “EV Capital of the World,” this conference served as a prime opportunity for individuals and entities invested in the electric mobility sector to convene, exchange insights, and envision the future of transportation.

Olav Madland the CEO of Applied Autonomy, presented the AWARD H2020 project under the title ´Automated transport of people and goods by sea and land´ in which he reflected on the objectives of the project and the expertise of each consortium partner. The Nordic EV Summit 2023 held particular relevance to the AWARD H2020 initiative, showcasing a strong alignment with its goals and objectives. AWARD H2020, which stands for “Advancing Zero-Emission and Renewable Hydrogen Systems to Decarbonise Hard to Abate Sectors,” is a European research and innovation project focused on promoting sustainable hydrogen solutions to address challenging sectors in terms of decarbonization. You can download the presentation from here: AWARD H2020 – Presentations (

Being the largest conference of its kind in Northern Europe, the Nordic EV Summit provided a platform for experts, visionaries, industry trailblazers, policymakers, and various stakeholders from around the globe to assemble and deliberate on the latest progress, innovations, obstacles, and possibilities within the realm of electric vehicles (EVs). The event was celebrated for its role in fostering networking, collaboration, and the dissemination of information among professionals who were actively shaping the landscape of e-mobility on both a regional and international scale.

The summit encompassed a broad spectrum of topics pertaining to electric mobility, including the evolution of EV technology, the expansion of charging infrastructure, the integration of sustainable energy solutions, the formulation of effective policy frameworks, the observation of market trends, and the patterns of consumer adoption. Attendees were provided with a unique platform to draw insights from each other’s experiences, share exemplary practices, and collaboratively work towards propelling the acceptance of zero-emission transportation solutions.

Through participation in the Nordic EV Summit 2023, attendees gained valuable perspectives into the most recent trends and breakthroughs in the electric mobility sector. They had the opportunity to engage with key industry stakeholders, fostering connections and contributing to ongoing dialogues concerning the trajectory of transportation and the indispensable role that electric vehicles play in realizing ecologically sustainable and responsible mobility.

In essence, the Nordic EV Summit 2023 stood as a pivotal gathering for individuals and entities with a vested interest in electric mobility. The event provided a platform to explore, discuss, and influence the course of transportation in the direction of sustainability and emission reduction.


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