AWARD at Nordic Edge Fund Day

AWARD took part in the Nordic Edge Fund Day event on 10-11th May 2023 in Stavanger, Norway. This exciting event brings together innovative start-ups and forward-thinking investors for a day filled with fun and funding opportunities. This exclusive gathering gives opportunities to the most promising Nordic start-ups offering them the stage to pitch their cutting-edge solutions to extensive international financial networks. This was a two day of networking, insights, and potential investments in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

In his pitch, Olav Madland the CEO of Applied Autonomy, included a 1 slide presentation about AWARD, reflecting on the objectives of the project and so far achievements. This event was relevant to the AWARD project because logistics operators, investors and innovators are looking for 24×7 digital solutions that reduce emissions and costs. It gathered more than 100 Investors, innovators, logistics operators, and public transport stakeholders. You can download the presentation from here: AWARD H2020 – Presentations (


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