AWARD at the VECS 2023

AWARD H2020 took part at the VECS 2023 conference in Gothenburg, on 23 and 24 May 2023!

During VECS 2023, we had the privilege of engaging with the most innovative minds in the fields of autonomous vehicles, electrification, connected vehicles, and mobility. We gained in-depth insights, acquired new disruptive knowledge, and participated in invaluable networking opportunities. The outstanding speakers shared cutting-edge insights on the latest topics driving the transportation ecosystem.With over 1600 senior executives in attendance from leading OEMs, Tier ones, suppliers, academia, start-ups, transportation companies, and cities/municipalities, VECS 2023 proved to be the premier automotive event in Northern Europe. It provided an unparalleled platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

AWARD partners at the Automotive 2023 conference!


AWARD H2020 project was represented by Jens Henkner the CEO of CertX, project´s consortium partner at their booth.

The automotive industry is abuzz with the importance of cybersecurity. The imminent full force implementation of regulation UN-R 155 has prompted everyone to prepare for its impact. CertX is fully prepared to provide test services and support in this critical area.

In addition to cybersecurity, other key topics such as functional safety, ISO 26262, SOTIF, and the integration of AI for ADAS levels 3 and 4 were at the forefront of discussions. ´We are thrilled to showcase our participation in AWARD-H2020, which has garnered significant interest from regulators like RDW and others´, Jens Henker – CertX

¨Anticipating future regulations like the upcoming UN-R 157 and EU-wide rules for level 4 automation, we are poised to contribute our expertise in highly automated and autonomous safe and secure systems. These regulations will provide clear guidelines and pave the way for more models to operate at a high level of automation¨ – Jens Henker – CertX

AWARD H2020 project was featured at the forefront of CertX endeavors. AWARD focuses on enabling autonomous all-weather operations and spans across three pilot locations throughout Europe.

AWARD H2020 is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology and ensuring its reliable functionality regardless of weather conditions. This ambitious endeavor has attracted significant attention and interest from stakeholders in the automotive industry and beyond.


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