AWARD at the Automotive 2023

AWARD took part in the Automotive 2023 conference in Linz, Austria! The international automotive industry gathers annually at Automotive, Austria’s renowned conference for visions, innovations, and future technologies in the field of modern mobility. Suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers present groundbreaking ideas and technologies that aim to inspire the supply sector and drive technological advancements. The Automotive 2023 conference is organized by Business Upper Austria, one of the AWARD consortium partners. 

Wolfgang Schildorfer - Professor for Transport Logistics and Mobility, Vice-dean for Research

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

 Mr. Matthias Neubauer took part in presenting AWARD in a liaison activity at the Automotive 2023. AWARD project was presented in a 40-minute joint presentation with other
This conference, automotive, is highly relevant to AWARD due to its focus on visions, innovations, and future technologies in the automotive industry. The Automotive 2023, provides an opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements, trends, and ideas in the field of modern mobility. Our team had the opportunity to network with key players such as suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers, potentially forming collaborations and partnerships to drive innovation within their own organization. Additionally, attending Automotive 2023, allowed AWARD to gain insights into cutting-edge technologies that can inform their decision-making processes and contribute to their mission of promoting excellence and advancement within the automotive industry.

Apart from Business Upper Austria, other AWARD H2020 team members were also present at the Automotive 2023 conference: DigiTrans GmbH, AustriaTech, and FH OÖ Campus Steyr | Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Management.

Yesterday was the automotive2023 in Linz where we heard a lot of fascinating topics – such as our AWARD Project. The AWARD H2020 is an automated freight transport in Gunskirchen between BRP Rotax and DB Schenker. The route is 600 m long and the tests in Gunskirchen start on June, 12th 2023.📅 At the moment, the vehicle is going through various tests at our Testcenter in St. Valentin.

It is an very interesting project and we are looking forward to the results!


AWARD Consortium Partner

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