AWARD at ISO 26262 in Berlin, 2023

AWARD took part in ISO 26262 (Automotive Functional Safety Forum), in Berlin, 30-31 May 2023 produced and promoted by Leadvent Group. As industries strive for standardized safety practices in product design and testing, ISO 26262 has emerged as an automotive-specific international standard focused on critical safety components. Derived from the generic functional safety standard IEC 61508, ISO 26262 addresses the increasing complexity of the automotive industry and the need for safety-compliant systems. However, to develop autonomous vehicles the established ISO 26262 is not enough, and aspects of performance, trustworthy AI and cyber security become equally important and need addressing. ISO 26262 aims to provide a cohesive safety standard for all automotive E/E systems and has gained significant traction since its Draft International Standard (DIS) publication.

AWARD´s role at ISO 26262, Berlin (2023)

AWARD was represented by Jens Henker, the CEO at CertX, one of the AWARD Consortium partners.

The presentation revolves around the services provided by CertX and highlights the cyber security challenges they addressed. It delves into the verification of AI applications across six dimensions and showcases the successful integration of functional safety, cybersecurity, SOTIF, and AI. Additionally, the presentation offers insights into real-world applications through four case studies from the AWARD project, providing practical examples of their work: Warehouse, Hub-to-Hub, Airport, and Port use case.

To download a full presentation please click HERE.

AWARD’s participation in ISO 26262 holds significant importance due to several key reasons.

Firstly, ISO 26262 is an internationally recognized standard specifically designed for functional safety in the automotive industry. By actively engaging with this standard, AWARD demonstrates its commitment to adhering to industry best practices and ensuring the safety and reliability of its products and solutions. Compliance with ISO 26262 not only instils confidence in customers and stakeholders but also helps AWARD establish itself as a trusted player in the automotive sector.

Secondly, ISO 26262 provides a comprehensive framework for managing functional safety throughout the entire product lifecycle. It offers guidelines and requirements for hazard analysis, risk assessment, safety goals, verification, and validation processes. AWARD’s involvement in ISO 26262 allows the company to align its practices and processes with these industry-wide standards, enhancing the quality and safety of its offerings.

Moreover, as AWARD deals with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in automotive applications, ISO 26262 becomes even more relevant. The standard addresses the unique challenges associated with safety-critical AI systems, ensuring that potential risks and hazards related to AI integration are effectively mitigated. By actively participating in ISO 26262, AWARD can leverage the guidance and expertise provided by the standard to navigate the complexities of AI integration and deliver AI-powered solutions that meet the highest safety standards.

In summary, AWARD’s involvement in ISO 26262 is crucial for maintaining industry compliance, establishing trust, and ensuring the safety of its products and solutions. By aligning with this internationally recognized standard, AWARD can enhance its reputation as a reliable and safety-conscious player in the automotive sector while effectively managing functional safety and addressing the unique challenges of AI integration.


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