AWARD at the mid-year meeting

Here´s a summary highlighting the main activities and sessions of each day:

Day 1 – June 12: Welcoming at EasyMile Headquarters and bus travel to the Francazal site, Airport vehicle demonstration and bus travel back to EasyMile Headquarters, Get together Cocktail session exclusively for project partners at Péniche Saint LouisDay 2 – June 13: Morning session includes meeting introduction, agenda presentation, and general project presentation, Vehicle and use case presentations for forklift, hub to hub, port, and airport vehicles, WP10 progress update, internal reporting, planning, budget updates, and next steps discussion, Objectives review and update, followed by a wrap-up discussion, Afternoon session includes detailed status updates per work package (WP3 to WP9) and risk matrix updateDay 3 – June 14: Reserved for PGA representatives only: project planning presentation exclusively for PGA members, project Q&A session exclusively for PGA members.


The future of good transportation is on its way, thanks to our 28 partners who are experts in so many domains: vehicle manufacturers, ADS and sensors providers, business analysts and experts, advisors, sites owners, research institutes, tele operating systems suppliers, fleet management system developers. 

Here are the updates:📦 Forklift use case, the CRAYLER in AIT: we are working hard to integrate the system on the vehicle, which will have to load and unload a truck in an arbitrary area.🚢 Port use case, the EZTug in DFDS: all sensors are almost installed, the vehicle will be shipped to EasyMile to integrate and test the software before running tests there. ✈  Airport use case, the Tract Easy in AVINOR Gardenmoen: we were proud to show the vehicle performance at EasyMile in Toulouse to the partners during the last days. Now, it's time to perform the last tests before shipping the vehicle on the demo site.🚛 Hub to Hub use case, the KAMAG in Gunskirchen (ROTAX - DB SCHENKER): the vehicle was tested in harsh weather conditions, which is the principle of AWARD project, in DIGITRANS proving ground and is now preparing the demo on site.

Julien Collier - AWARD Project Coordinator

DAY 1- June 12: the Airport use case, Tract Easy vehicle test at Toulouse-Francazal airport

On June 12, 2023, in Toulouse, France, the AWARD H2020 project consortium showcased cutting-edge innovations and advancements in Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) specifically designed for airport logistics operations. The event served as a platform for clients in the aviation industry to gain valuable insights and engage in networking opportunities. The program featured a captivating Tract Easy vehicle demonstration at the Francazal testing site, where participants witnessed the AV’s capabilities firsthand. The focus of the testing was on ensuring safety in the presence of pedestrians, with two scenarios being explored. The first involved testing the AV’s performance during rainy conditions, for which the EasyMile team simulated rain at the testing site. The second scenario involved the autonomous movement of cargo across an airfield, showcasing the AV’s on-demand capabilities.

The event facilitated productive discussions among esteemed experts and stakeholders in the aviation industry, fostering a collaborative environment to exchange ideas and perspectives on the future of autonomous vehicles in airport logistics.

Maxim Arbitmann, Project Manager @Continental


Sharon Fiss, the Director of Sales Engineering @Adasky

Reuven Segal, the Lead Mechanical Engineer @Foresight Automotive

Florian Enaud, the Cross Product development lead @EasyMile

Networking cocktail meet-up

* To get a clear overview of the testing outcomes, download the press release: Revolutionary Autonomy in Airport Logistics Unveiled at AWARD H2020 Showcase

*Get a quick overview of phase 1 airport use case:  At the end of 2021, AWARD completed the first phase of the autonomous baggage transport use case at Oslo Airport, Norway

DAY 2- June 13: the morning and afternoon session

During the informative morning session, the team had the privilege of gaining insights directly from industry experts. Here are the highlights:


Following the comprehensive discussions, work package leaders addressed the main challenges and achievements in the following areas:


The morning session proved to be an enriching experience, offering valuable knowledge and fostering collaborative discussions among the participants.


The AWARD consortium meeting featured the project officer, Sergio Escriba, the Head of Sector Automated Transport at CINEA, European Commission, who shared valuable insights on project milestones and future steps. Consortium members engaged in an interactive Q&A session, drawing conclusions that will guide them towards the project’s successful completion. This meeting provided a strategic outlook, aligning the project with European objectives and fostering collaboration among members. With a clearer understanding of the path ahead, the consortium is well-prepared to maximize the AWARD project’s impact in the field of automated transport.

During this 2nd day, the team addressed not only the project milestones and future steps but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing among consortium members. The session provided a platform for in-depth discussions on key challenges and opportunities in the field of automated transport. The consortium members gained valuable insights into emerging trends and innovative approaches, enabling them to make informed decisions and enhance the project’s overall impact. This collaborative environment fostered a sense of shared vision and collective responsibility, ensuring that the AWARD project continues to contribute to the advancement of automated transport technology.

DAY 3- June 14: the PGA meeting

The Project General Assembly meeting served as a pivotal gathering, bringing together representatives from each partner organization. The primary objective of this meeting was to engage in comprehensive discussions and finalize the project planning process. With all partners present, valuable insights, perspectives, and expertise were shared, ensuring that the project’s strategic direction and objectives were fine-tuned to meet the desired outcomes. Through collaborative deliberations and thorough analysis, the General Assembly meeting played a crucial role in aligning the efforts of all stakeholders and establishing a cohesive roadmap for the project’s successful implementation. The exchange of ideas and the collective decision-making during this meeting contributed to a shared understanding and a unified vision, setting the stage for efficient execution and fruitful collaboration among the partner organizations.

Commending the Fruitful Journey: Celebrating Three Days of Team Effort and Gratitude

The AWARD H2020 consortium extends heartfelt appreciation to the Easy Mile team for their impeccable organization and outstanding hosting at this mid-year meeting. The AWARD H2020 team is now fully prepared to embark on the final steps, equipped with the necessary confidence and enthusiasm to achieve our goals successfully.

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