AWARD at the IPIC 2023 in Athens

AWARD took part in IPIC 2023 – 9th International Physical Internet Conference: Expanding the Logistics Scope, June 13-15, 2023 | Athens, Greece. The conference which was co-organised by ALICE – the European Technology Platform ALICE and I-SENSE Group of the ICCS – the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, in 3 days gathered more than 250 participants followed a rich program addressing the Physical Internet and its implementations, applications or technologies supporting its implementations but also the major challenges and all the difficult questions that surround the Physical Internet implementation. 

IPIC2023 convened against the backdrop of accelerating global events, fostering the Physical Internet Community’s drive towards sustainable and efficient logistics. With a robust and comprehensive program comprising five streams, seven sessions, four plenaries, special sessions, poster sessions, and over 150 industry experts, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders, the conference provided a platform for open discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and future of freight transport and logistics. Dr Angelos Amditis, the chair of IPIC2023, highlighted the community’s remarkable maturity and its potential to revolutionize urban logistics, mobility services, and environmental sustainability through redefining vehicles, warehouses, and operational practices.

AWARD´s consortium partners presented two published conference proceedings:

1). Measuring Efficiency of Automated Road Freight Transport: The AWARD Approach 

On behalf of the AWARD consortium, Manuel Walch, a Research Associate at the University of Applied Science Upper Austria presented the paper: Measuring Efficiency of Automated Road Freight Transport: The AWARD Approach.

To see a full presentation download HERE.

Abstract: Autonomous vehicles will be a key ingredient of future road transport solutions. Even if significant progress has been made in technological developments and autonomous transport vehicle demonstrations, there are still challenges to be addressed before widespread adoption can occur, e.g., 24/7 availability in harsh weather conditions. Quantifying the performance of autonomous vehicles is crucial for logistics operators when deploying such solutions. This paper presents KPIs related to autonomous road freight transport. Furthermore, the evaluation methodology of the European H2020 project AWARD related to the efficiency of autonomous vehicles is presented and initial insights from the project are sketched.

The presentation delved into the project’s approach, specifically highlighting the evaluation of efficiency in the four use cases. Two AWARD Efficiency Evaluation Designs were introduced, alongside the presentation of results achieved in use case number 3 at OSLO Airport. This comprehensive overview shed light on the methods employed to assess efficiency and showcased tangible outcomes from real-world implementation.

The authors of the paper are the following consortium partners:


2).  Autonomous vehicles under all weather conditions: steering towards a harmonised legislative framework enabling real-life deployment

On behalf of the AWARD consortium, Ted Zotos, Research & Innovation Manager at IRU presented the paper titled Autonomous Vehicles under all weather conditions: steering towards a harmonised legislative framework enabling real-life deployment.

To see a full presentation download HERE.


Abstract: This paper presents and discusses the current status of testing and operation regulations for automated vehicles (AVs) at the EU level. Current legal conditions for on-road testing and operation of autonomous vehicles vary strongly from country to country. This paper will focus on examples of European countries that have taken an advanced stance in the formulation of policies and rules (Austria, Norway, France) and developed national policies which already enable on-road testing and operation. This paper will identify and put forward a set of best practices that will support the review of existing and future legislation as the basis of a harmonized EU legal framework designed to give clear signals to the industry, regulators and the general public. Particular attention will be placed on ensuring that safety performance requirements are met across all Operational Design Domains (ODD). Taking adverse weather conditions into consideration will allow us to reflect a more adequate real-life environment for AV operations. Updated regulations must ensure the safety of automated vehicle operations while providing some degree of flexibility, rather than imposing specific restrictions to enable future development and deployment of AVs. The technical work carried out under the EU-funded Horizon-2020 programme and more specifically the AWARD project provides the laying ground for the development of frameworks enabling the safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles for logistics operations onto public roads.

The authors of the paper are the following consortium partners:

  • International Road Transport Union (IRU), Brussels, Belgium: Zotos, Ted; Couëlle, Victoire 
  • Applied Autonomy, Kongsberg, Norway: Ronke, Rebecca 
  • AustriaTech, Vienna, Austria: Schallauer, Dominik
  • CARA, Lyon, France: Travers, Guillaume 
  • AustriaTech, Vienna, Austria: Turkovic, Jasmina 


AWARD’s participation at the International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) holds great significance due to its alignment with the core objectives of the Physical Internet Initiative. With a vision to revolutionize current logistics paradigms and achieve global efficiency and sustainability, AWARD’s involvement at IPIC allows for the exploration and dissemination of groundbreaking concepts, methodologies, and technological advancements for the implementation of the Physical Internet. By bringing together researchers, industry representatives, government officials, and stakeholders from around the world, IPIC provides a unique platform to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and foster collaborations in interconnected logistics. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including logistics nodes, networks, governance, business models, and enabling technologies, making it an essential gathering for staying updated on the latest results and advancements in this transformative field.

To read the full papers download them from HERE.


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