AWARD at the International VDI Congress "ELIV" 2023 in Bonn

In an outstanding showcase of innovation, the AWARD project was featured at the prestigious VDI International Congress “ELIV” held in Bonn, Germany, on October 18-19, 2023.

ELIV is the world’s largest congress for automotive electronics, software and applications, attracting decision makers, experts and industry leaders from around the world. A beacon for emerging trends and breakthrough innovations in automotive technology, ELIV provides professionals with a platform to exchange knowledge, discuss industry advancements, and present cutting-edge developments.

AWARD´s presence at the International VDI Congress "ELIV"

On October 19, Julien Collier, of Easy Mile, presented the AWARD project, captivating the audience with a comprehensive presentation. The session delved into the various facets of the AWARD project, with a specific focus on the Hub-to-Hub use case, the Forklift use case, and transformative applications in the Port use case.

Key Highlights:

  • Insightful Lectures: Industry experts, including Julien Collier, shared practical insights and addressed the latest trends, making ELIV a hub of knowledge dissemination.
  • Trade Exhibition: Attendees had the opportunity to explore a dynamic trade exhibition, discovering innovative products and services from various suppliers and service providers.

Image – Copy right:  ELIV – Electronics in Vehicles

ELIV is more than just a conference-it is a vital convergence for automotive electronics and software enthusiasts. The event offers a unique mix of world-class speakers, interactive panels and a trade show, creating an ideal environment to network, expand knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of industry trends. For this reason, AWARD’s participation in ELIV marked another milestone in the project’s journey, demonstrating its pivotal role in redefining the automotive electronics and software landscape. As ELIV continues to shape the future of the industry, AWARD remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in autonomous logistics.

You can download the presentation for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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