AWARD 1st Final Conference: Revolutionizing Logistics – Advancements in Safe and Efficient Driverless Transportation | Solutrans 2023

In the heart of Lyon, in the innovative atmosphere of the SOLUTRANS trade fair, the AWARD project hosted its first final conference on 22 November 2023. This groundbreaking event, held at Lyon’s Eurexpo, marked a crucial moment in the evolution of automated vehicles (AVs) and their potential to revolutionise the logistics industry.

SOLUTRANS, the biennial trade fair for trucking and urban transport professionals, was the perfect setting for the first AWARD final conference. With its rich history of bringing together industry professionals and presenting the latest in heavy and light commercial vehicles, SOLUTRANS laid the foundations for an event that would shape the future of driverless transport.

AWARD´s role

At the start of the conference, Benieke Treverton from EASY MILE, the project coordinator, presented the AWARD panorama.

The project, driven by a vision of safer and more efficient freight transport, seeks to close the existing gap in the widespread adoption of autonomous truck driving. The focus is on the development of a state-of-the-art autonomous driving system (ADS) capable of navigating in adverse weather conditions, which promises to transform logistics and improve competitiveness.

Insightful Sessions Unveiled:

  • Session 1: AWARD Project Overview – Benieke Treverton set the stage by providing an in-depth overview of the AWARD project, highlighting its mission and vision.
  • Session 2: Revolutionizing Freight Management – Olav Madland from APPLIED AUTONOMY delved into the future of Freight Management System and Logistics Operations, shedding light on the innovations shaping the industry.
  • Session 3: Impact of AVs – Sami Koskinen of VTT shared the first evaluation and testing results of autonomous vehicles, providing valuable insights into the practical applications of AV technology.
  • Session 4: Safety & Regulations – Ted Zotos and Victoire Coüelle from IRU addressed the critical aspects of regulatory governance and safety in autonomous transportation, emphasizing the need for a robust legislative framework.
  • Session 5: Business Models & OpportunitiesDiana Reinales from CARA explored emerging business models in the autonomous logistics industry, paving the way for new opportunities in this transformative era.
  • Interactive Q & A Session: Under the adept moderation of Julien Collier from EASY MILE, the conference concluded with an engaging Q & A session, allowing participants to delve deeper into the presented topics and gain a comprehensive understanding of the advancements in autonomous transportation.


You can download the presentation for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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