AWARD at Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations Activity Field launch 2023

In a groundbreaking event on November 28, 2023, the logistics world witnessed the launch of the Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Logistics Operations Activity Field, an initiative supported by the MODI project. AWARD played a crucial role in this virtual webinar, represented by Hannes Watzinger from DigiTrans and Loha Hashimy from ENIDE.

The webinar, hosted under the umbrella of the MODI project, aimed to establish a stable framework within ALICE – the European Technology Platform ALICE. Led by Zeljko Jeftic from EINRIDE, a key CCAM member, the activity field focuses on identifying opportunities, needs, and gaps in integrating automated systems into logistics operations.


Event Overview

1) Key Objectives

  1. Create a stable framework for logistics companies, shippers, and retailers to identify opportunities and needs.
  2. Support the wider adoption of automated and autonomous, zero-emission vehicles in real-life logistics.
  3. Discuss the potential integration of automated and autonomous operations in logistics use cases.
  4. Engage with the automotive and research sectors, supporting the CCAM partnership and European Commission agenda.

2) Agenda Highlights

Award's role


We are genuinely enthusiastic about the initiative and eagerly anticipate contributing to ALICE's working group, leaving a lasting legacy in line with AWARD's values through our involvement. participants for the lively and constructive discussions!

Loha Hashimy


The event serves as the official kick-off for this activity field, garnering support from the European Commission and CCAM partnership. Participants gained practical requirements and insights crucial for the realization of value from road automation in specific use cases.

You can download the presentation for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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