AWARD #4 Workshop 2023 | Pan-European Workshop on “Charting the Roadmap for Autonomous Vehicles in European Logistics”

On December 11, 2023, the virtual realm buzzed with anticipation as the Pan-European Workshop on “Charting the Roadmap for Autonomous Vehicles in European Logistics” unfolded. Hosted by ENIDE, in collaboration with EU projects MODI and PoDIUM, as well as PAVE Europe and CCAM, the workshop drew support from the Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE). With an eclectic mix of participants from ports, airports, logistics facilities, and project partners, this transformative event delved into the shared aspirations and collaborative efforts shaping the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in European logistics.

Workshop Overview

The workshop commenced with opening remarks by Dr. Loha Hashimy from ENIDE, setting the tone for the day’s agenda and underscoring the collaborative spirit of the participants. The dynamic lineup of speakers, including Julien Collier from EasyMile (on behalf of AWARD-H2020), Ragnhild Wahl from ITS Norway (MODI Project), and Lazaros Gkatzikis from I-SENSEGroup/ICCS (PoDIUM Project), provided a comprehensive overview of the achievements and progress made by their respective projects.

Julien Collier, Ragnhild Wahl, and Lazaros Gkatzikis presented an illuminating snapshot of the AWARD, MODI, and PoDIUM projects, showcasing milestones achieved and progress made in sculpting the AV landscape since 2020.

Interactive Session: Exploring Use Cases on Metro Retro Platform

The workshop took an interactive turn with a session on the Metro Retro platform. Moderated by Dr. Loha Hashimy, Holger Loewendorf (IRU), Matthias Neubauer (FH-STEYR), and Mads Skovsgaard Rasmussen (DFDS), participants explored present and future use cases of AVs in logistics. This dynamic session not only engaged participants but also laid the foundation for fruitful discussions.

Breakout Sessions: Vision Canvases Unveiled

The heart of the workshop was the breakout sessions focusing on Ports, Airports, Warehouses and Hub to Hub scenarios. Guided by the moderators, participants delved into the nuances of each sector, creating detailed “Vision Canvases.” These sessions proved to be a crucible for innovative ideas, challenges, and opportunities specific to each use case.

Consolidation and Recommendations for the EU

Loha Hashimy led an interactive session, consolidating insights and recommendations for the EU. Five critical topics – Regulations, Raising Awareness, Standards, Infrastructures, and Others – were discussed fervently. This collaborative effort aimed to draft an actionable roadmap for the incorporation of AVs in European logistics, emphasizing a future-ready approach.

Workshop Takeaways

The recent AWARD workshop offered groundbreaking insights into the future of Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) in European logistics. Over a 15-year horizon, the workshop outlined a visionary roadmap, highlighting the phased integration of autonomous technologies. Key milestones include the automation of last-mile deliveries, enhancing public awareness of CCAM technologies, and developing interconnected logistics networks. Notably, the workshop focused on specialized use cases in different logistics environments:

  • Ports: Emphasizing the revolution of port operations through autonomous vehicles with a focus on efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Key actions include implementing automated fleet management and addressing challenges like infrastructure readiness and stakeholder engagement.

  • Airports: The vision here is to transform cargo transport using Autonomous Ground Support Equipment, with significant emphasis on outdoor autonomy and intelligent indoor navigation.

  • Hub-to-Hub: Aiming for seamless, automated cargo transportation between hubs, the roadmap advocates for operational efficiency, safety enhancement, and cost reduction.

The workshop culminated in a session consolidating recommendations for the EU, emphasizing the need for harmonized regulations, increased public awareness, and standardized infrastructures to facilitate the seamless integration of CCAM technologies. This comprehensive approach sets a clear trajectory for the progressive adoption of autonomous vehicles in European logistics, marking a significant step towards a more efficient, safe, and interconnected future.

You can download the presentations for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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