AWARD at the Green Innovations: Navigating the Future of Sustainability and the Circular Economy 2024, Barcelona

On March 21st, the AWARD project was proudly showcased at the “Innovaciones Verdes: Navegando el Futuro de la Sostenibilidad y la Economía Circular” event, organized by our partner Enide at PIMEC in Barcelona. This gathering was a deep dive into the synergy between sustainability, the circular economy, and the technological innovations driving our future. “Innovaciones Verdes” was designed to foster meaningful conversations and collaborations among leaders passionate about sustainability and the circular economy. This two-hour event aimed to bring together like-minded individuals from various sectors to explore, discuss, and envision the future of environmental sustainability. In an era of rapid global change, “Innovaciones Verdes” offered a unique platform to connect with peers, share groundbreaking ideas, and stay abreast of the latest trends and practices in sustainability. Whether participants were involved in the development of Electric Autonomous Vehicles (EAVs), eco-friendly product design, or sustainable labeling initiatives, this forum served as the ideal venue for anyone committed to making a positive impact on our planet.


A highlight of the event was the session “10:10 – 11:00 CET: Project Showcase – CASCADE, AWARD H2020, 3-CO”, where Flavia De Simone presented the AWARD project alongside two other significant European projects. This session illuminated the substantial contributions of each project to sustainability and the circular economy, underscoring the importance of collaboration across borders and disciplines. The AWARD project also took part in the “11:40 – 12:30 CET: Networking and Collaborative Exploration (Poster Session)”, where Flavia, equipped with the AWARD rollup, engaged guests in discussions and networking opportunities. This session provided a space for attendees to dive deeper into the projects, ask questions, and explore potential collaborations, further emphasizing the event’s focus on community and mutual learning.

The AWARD Final Conference is approaching: register now! We look forward to seeing you on 13 June in Brussels, for a day full of unmissable sessions and discussions.

You can download the presentation for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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