AWARD´s Automated Forklift Use Case Demonstration - Austria, 2024

On May 7th, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology took a significant leap towards the future of automated logistics with its highly anticipated Automated Forklift Demonstration Event . Held at the Seibersdorf Academy and the Large-Scale Robotics Lab, this event was part of the AWARD-H2020 project, focusing on automated solutions in challenging environments.

The day began at 9:45 AM with participant registration followed by a warm welcome in the Meeting Room “Schrödinger” where attendees were greeted by Andreas Vrabl, Head of the AIT Center for Vision, Automation & Control. The morning sessions kicked off with refreshing drinks and snacks, setting a congenial tone for the insightful presentations that followed.

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Presentations and Insights

  • Setareh Zafari, introduced the AWARD project, shedding light on its goals and the pivotal role of automation in enhancing logistics operations. Zafari’s talk highlighted the “Human Machine Interface for Automated Material Handling Vehicles”, demonstrating the project’s commitment to user-centered technological advancements.
  • Patrik Zips delved into the complexities of “Mastering the Last Mile Delivery: Logistics Operation in the Unstructured World”, providing a deep dive into how automation can solve logistical challenges in unpredictable environments.
  • Rebekka Ronke from Applied Autonomy capped the presentations with a forward-looking perspective on “Fleet Management in the Forklift Use Case”, outlining how future industrial plants might integrate these advanced systems.

AWARD team at Seibersdorf (from left): Setareh Zafari, Iman Kulitz, Christian Zinner, Markus Murschitz, Guglielmo Papagni, Fabian Steiner, Sherin Kulitz, Mario Niedermeyer, Csaba Beleznai, Patrik Zips, Christine Wahlmüller-Schiller, Lukas Reisinger, Matthias Schörghuber, Johannes Huemer. Photo: AIT/

Live Demonstrations

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the live demonstration session held at the Large-Scale Robotics Lab. Here, attendees witnessed firsthand the capabilities of the automated forklift, meticulously maneuvering through the lab, exemplifying the robustness and precision of the technology developed under the AWARD project. The demonstration vividly illustrated the forklift’s potential to transform industrial logistics, especially in unstructured settings where traditional vehicles falter.

Following the live demo, participants enjoyed a business lunch, offering a further opportunity for networking and discussing the insights shared during the morning sessions. The event concluded with an interactive networking session that allowed stakeholders to engage directly with the experts from AIT, including Markus Murschitz, Johannes Huemer, Setareh Zafari, and Patrik Zips.

Don’t miss the chance to see the Automated Forklift in action on television! Video from ORF TV.

The Forklift Demonstration Event not only showcased the technological strides being made by AIT in the realm of automated logistics but also reinforced the importance of human-centric approaches in the integration of such technologies. As AWARD continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in automated transport and logistics, events like these provide invaluable glimpses into the future of the industry—highlighting both the challenges and the transformative potential of automation.

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You can download the presentations for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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