AWARD at TOC Europe in Rotterdam, 2024

TOC Europe 2024, held in Rotterdam from June 11-13, was a landmark event for port decision-makers, showcasing cutting-edge innovations like EasyMile’s EZTug. This event, with a 40+ year heritage, is pivotal for those aiming to enhance port operations amidst economic changes and technological revolutions.

During the event, EasyMile, a leader in automated solutions for port operations, demonstrated the EZTug, an autonomous yard truck developed in collaboration with Terberg Special Vehicles. The EZTug represents a significant advancement in automated container transport, focusing on increased efficiency, cost reduction, and safety. Industry professionals gathered at Stand L32, where EasyMile’s team, including Benieke Treverton, Alban Brisy, Gilbert Gagnaire, Alexandre Troale, and Inès Guth, shared insights on automation’s impact on port operations.

Feedback highlighted automation’s role in enhancing operational efficiency and safety, promoting data-driven decisions, and fostering sustainability. TOC Europe was not just a platform for showcasing technologies but also a vibrant forum for discussions on the future of port operations.

You can download the presentations for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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