AWARD at Automatización en Logística - Seminario con Expertos 2024

On July 28th, the “Automatización en Logística – Seminario con Expertos” provided a deep dive into the transformative world of logistics automation. Organized by RailGrup, the event featured a series of insightful presentations and a dynamic panel discussion that captivated all attendees.

The seminar began with Javier Garrido‘s engaging presentation on the latest developments at the Port of Barcelona. Flavia De Simone from Enide then took the stage to share the impressive outcomes and valuable lessons learned from four distinct use cases within the AWARD project.

A standout moment was Mario Scalabrino’s presentation, which focused on interoperability for B&M surveillance, underscoring the critical importance of data sharing and utilization in modern logistics operations. His insights highlighted how collaboration and open data ecosystems can enhance operational efficiencies and drive innovation.

The event wrapped up with a panel discussion featuring the three experts who explored the myriad challenges and vast opportunities automation presents in the logistics sector. Their discussion not only addressed technical and operational aspects but also emphasized strategic considerations necessary for integrating advanced technologies into current and future logistics frameworks.

You can download the presentations for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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