New Award survey on potential benefits and concerns regarding automated road transport logistics systems

Efficiency in logistics is at the forefront of sub crisis that have arisen after the pandemic period. In order to contribute to the upgrade of current systems to the new era, Award H2020’s has released a survey to hear all stakeholders involved directly or indirectly with an automated vehicle in the freight domain.  


Award's Stakeholders

As a reminder, EU-2020 AWARD project aims to develop systems for “All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations”.  With this survey, AWARD would like to hear, understand and gain detailed insights into the different factors that determine the acceptance of such systems. Further, the consortium would like to hear the needs and concerns of all affected stakeholders that are interacting, directly or indirectly, with an automated vehicle, in related processes, and more general stakeholder groups. 

What is the main goal of this Survey?

Considering all these groups, the goal of this survey is to understand all factors that determine the acceptance of such systems from all possible different angles. In order to facilitate that the consortium has developed the survey in 5 different languages and based on each of the four automated logistics use cases at different sites including diverse stakeholders and users to get holistic results that could be incorporated in different policy discussions and get better systems based on your experiences. 

Choose a language to fill the survey!

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