AWARD SPRING DEMO WEEK – 30 May – 2 June 2022

The award work goes on. After launching last march 2022 a new TractEasy demo, at the Daimler AG truck assembly plant in Wörth, the AWARD Project is replicating such succesful event at the Easy Mile validation site next 30th of May near Toulouse, France.

EasyMile Demo

The demo Vehicle

For those who are new to the vehicle, it uses an innovative sensor set to navigate safely and reliably. EasyMile’s algorithm connects all data that the sensor set records and combines them with GPS data. With the help of this data, the vehicle orientates itself with centimeter-precision on the extensive production site in mixed traffic conditions. On the software side, the tow tractor also offers an interface for integration into all common warehouse management systems so that operations can be monitored and controlled remotely at any time, allowing flexible material handling 24/7.

During the trials, TractEasy transports parts and material between two points and operates outdoors, even in short public routes. This is a major step forward for the industry as conventional AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are tied to indoor operations. At the Wörth site, the tow tractor operated at 10 km/h and tows up to 14t.

In order to ensure seamless integration into the factory environment and the logistics process, the otherwise driverless vehicle is initially being supervised by a certified employee to ensure safety of all. TractEasy is currently in pilot operations and covers two shifts per day.

For this forthcoming event the choosen location has been EasyMile’s Test and Validation Site in Toulouse/Francazal Testing site, within an airport enviroment. It will take place the 30th May. 14h – 15h in the the address below. It will be for free although requires registration.

EasyMile Test & Validation Site
135 Av. du Comminges
31270 Cugnaux
In the south of Toulouse, about 25 minutes by car/taxi from the MEETT

Please, get registered HERE

One demo, 3 spots to attend from:

This demo will be supported and broadcasted from two other events that will take place the same week.

On the one hand, AWARD-H2020 will be present at ERTICO ITS Toulouse, thanks to EasyMile who will own the booth number D6-D8. On site there will be a demo. There will be a demo of the KAMAG vehicle. If you are planning to attend ITS Toulouse but don’t have a ticket yet, please, contact EASY MILE or AWARD Event Staff. Maybe it could be possible to provide a Free visitor pass link to be used before the 19th of April. The event will be broadcasted there but in case you’d like to attend the demo in shared transport meet at 13h15 at EasyMile Booth D6-D8.

Award will also be present that week at Logimat Sttugart, taking place from the 31st of May till the 2nd of June. In there, EasyMile will showcase the Special trial with daily pitches in their booth (exact times still to be confirmed)

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact AWARD Communication team from ENIDE, or

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