AWARD #3 Workshop 2023 | Automation in freight transport & logistics: the role of legislation in autonomous vehicles

In a pivotal move towards redefining the landscape of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in logistics, IRU recently hosted the #3 Workshop on Automation in Freight Transport & Logistics on October 3, 2023. The workshop, a part of the AWARD project, aimed to present groundbreaking recommendations for updated legislation concerning the testing and deployment of AVs. Engaging experts from various fields, including representatives from CERTx, AustriaTech, and a specialized audience, the event delved into the critical role of legislation in shaping the future of autonomous vehicles.

Workshop Overview

The workshop laid the groundwork for a comprehensive analysis of existing legislation at European, UNECE and national level, examining standards and projects that have an impact on the deployment of AV systems. The focus was not only on Europe, but extended beyond its borders, emphasising the need for an up-to-date legislative framework.

Before diving into discussions, IRU introduced the AWARD project and preliminary recommendations for AV testing and deployment. Dominik Schallauer of AustriaTech and Jens Henkner, CEO of CertX, shared valuable insights from specific use cases and legislative analyses, respectively.

The workshop distilled crucial takeaways that will shape the future of AVs in logistics. Key challenges and recommendations include:

  • Further research on remote driving capabilities and limitations.
  • Further research to develop better understanding on the diverse requirements and types of teleoperation.
  • Implementation of effective staffing ratios for constant vehicle fleet monitoring.
  • Establishment of safe teleworking conditions for operators.
  • Definition of information requirements for effective vehicle takeover.
  • Common EU minimum training requirements for AV operators.
  • Clear determination and communication of liability among stakeholders.
  • Setting minimum requirements for AV environmental monitoring data.
  • Clarity on national permitting process to avoid further EU fragmentation.
  • Enable mutual recognition of safety assessments by Member States.

Award's role

The AWARD project, under EU-Horizon 2020 All Weather Autonomous Real Logistics Operations and Demonstrations, is a collaborative effort aiming at safe, connected and automated heavy transport systems. The workshop brought together key stakeholders, including IRU members, industry representatives and European Commission officials, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Insights and perspectives from the workshop will contribute to the final recommendations of the AWARD project, scheduled for presentation in 2024. The collaboration between operators and the European Commission emphasizes the shared responsibility of shaping legislation for the safe and efficient deployment of AVs in logistics.

You can download the presentation for free from the AWARD website: AWARD H2020 – Presentations ( 

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