System scope and requirements specified

Work Package 2 “Identification of end-users’ needs and requirments” came to an end in September 2021. It defined the system of systems, the use cases, and the overall principles and design requirements for the system architecture in AWARD.

What is Milestone 1?

Milestone 1 “System scope and requirements specified” is one of the first measurable results in AWARD. It is related to the work carried out in Work Package 2 “Identification of end-users’ needs and requirements”. This work package, led by the Austrian Institute of Technology, came to an end in September 2021. 

After focusing on scope definition and refinement (stakeholder definition and categorization, system of the system definition, use cases definition, value chains definition), the AWARD project partners adopted different data sources to collect and analyse stakeholders’ requirements. These sources included a state-of-the-art literature analysis, an acceptance factors survey, interviews, use case site visits, and the first project workshop. Specific Operational Design Domains (ODDs) and functional requirements were also developed to support the definition of the four use cases of the project. 

What's next?

The operational scenarios defined in work package 2 will be used by the upcoming tasks in AWARD for detailed system development, test case definition and test development (Work Package 6 “Autonomous driving demonstrations in real logistics operations” and Work Package 7 “Testing methodology and evaluation”). Similarly, the defined functional requirements represent an important input for work packages related to the system design, implementation, and demonstration (Work Package 3 “Design and development of autonomous driving technologies for harsh weather conditions”, Work Package 4 “Integration in heavy-duty vehicles”, Work Package 5 “Fleet management, teleoperation and logistics operation”, and Work Package 6 “Autonomous driving demonstrations in real logistics operations”).

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