A Thriving Period of Opportunities

Our summer is busy! We've hit the ground running in 2023 with an impressive series of achievements:

⚡ Participation in 16 international events, connecting with industry leaders worldwide.

⚡ Submission of 3 insightful articles for publication, sharing our expertise.

⚡ Successful launch of 2 vehicle testing initiatives, pushing boundaries of innovation.

⚡ Our mid-year meeting drew 46 attendees, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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Enjoy a good read and join us in this thrilling journey of progress!


Revolutionizing logistics with autonomy! 📢 The hub-to-hub autonomous logistics use-case has been launched

Hub-to-Hub Use Case: The KAMAG Vehicle

AWARD's cutting-edge project in Gunskirchen, Austria, tests an automated swap-body truck equipped with EasyMile driverless tech: we've accomplished safety and SOTIF tests in DIGITRANS, with an ongoing demo setup at the Hub to Hub site. Our next step is to conduct the demo while addressing the challenge of complying with other vehicle users on public roads. 

Further updates on the use-case scenarios:

Forklift Use Case: The CRAYLER Vehicle

Our consortium partner AIT has seamlessly integrated AWARD sensors into our forklift vehicle, enabling efficient truck loading and unloading. We're excited to transport the vehicle to the demo site soon. Our team is actively working on a solution to mitigate weather-related risks, specifically snow conditions.

Port Use Case: The EZTug / TERBERG Vehicle

DFDS, our consortium partner, has successfully integrated AWARD sensors into the TERBERG vehicle, marking a significant milestone. Next, we'll focus on software integration and conducting safety and SOTIF tests in the DIGITRANS Demo with DAHER.

Airport Use Case: The TLD / Tract Easy Vehicle

In our Airport use case, we've made significant progress, including successful safety and SOTIF tests in DIGITRANS. Our upcoming plans involve shipping the vehicle to the demo site and implementing specialized tires to tackle snow conditions. We're also addressing sensor performance comparison and improvement as a major challenge.

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Unveiling AWARD's Innovation Management Journey Towards Goal Achievement:

How can we revolutionize heavy-duty trucks? Our ambition is to develop a cutting-edge solution that enables autonomous driving in confined areas, eliminating the need for a driver and significantly reducing fleet ownership costs. Compliant with ISO26262 and considering SOTIF recommendations, our solution will also excel in harsh weather conditions, allowing uninterrupted 24/7 operation. We aim to integrate this groundbreaking solution into the logistics operations of numerous fleet operators, aiming for a technology readiness level of TRL 7/8. This innovation goes beyond state-of-the-art as no comparable solution exists today in its entirety (click on the button below to read the whole deliverable).

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Unlock the Future of Innovation: AWARD Mid-Year Meeting and Tract Easy Testing Unveil Game-Changing Insights

Discover the extraordinary innovations and powerful collaborations that unfolded at the AWARD mid-year meeting: from cutting-edge technologies to groundbreaking solutions, the AWARD project promises to shape the future. Plus, explore the revolutionary Tract Easy testing initiatives that are redefining industry standards. Dive deeper into the excitement and be part of the transformation (click on the button below).

DID YOU KNOW: New ITS Directive Paves the Way for Smarter and Connected Mobility

AWARD is excited about the political agreement on the revised ITS Directive. This upgrade focuses on providing high-quality data for multimodal services, smarter traffic management and the digitization of crucial information. It also promotes the cooperative deployment of ITS and paves the way for connected and automated multimodal mobility. AWARD is proud to support these advances towards a sustainable and intelligent transport system. 

Few perks from the latest events

The AWARD international team participated in a number of events throughout Europe.


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