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AWARD at the Transport Research Arena | TRA Conference 2022

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What is the Transport Research Arena - TRA Conference 2022?

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) is the biggest European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility, which takes place every two years. TRA offers a great venue for researchers, policymakers and industry representatives to get together and contribute to the discussion on how research and innovation can re-shape the transport and mobility system.

Under the motto “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”, the TRA 2020 conference centred the attention on the following pillars:

  • Scientific excellence, Research and innovation challenges.
  • The latest technological and industrial developments and innovative policies regarding the European Transport Research and Innovation.
  • Cooperation of Europe with other continents, thus ensuring the knowledge and experiences exchange.

Why did AWARD participate at the TRA 2022?

Over the past months, researchers and experts involved in the project have presented important advances that contribute not only to science, but also to industry, bringing value to the project model and exploitation opportunities. This is why presenting AWARD at TRA 2022 is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with members of the industry.

Indoor Demo

During the course of TRA 2022, the AWARD project was visited by our partners, researchers and other members of the industry at the booth located in the “Interactive Zone Indoors”.

The AWARD H2020 team, Vicent Pastor from ENIDE, Florian Enaud from Easy Mile, and Mads Skovsgaard Rasmussen from DFDS shared the project news with all the conference visitors, not only from a technological and development point of view but also on the project’s possibilities to optimise the logistics sector at European level.

TRA2022 had some great sessions on automated and decarbonized mobility of the future. A lot of emphases was put on the twin strategy for digital leadership and climate neutrality and the competitiveness of the European Union. One key takeaway for me, however, is that we need to include human science in the transition as the green and the digital transition is about changing culture and human behaviour -not just technology. No doubt synergies between the European Commission’s strategy and the AWARD project are visible as we are deploying electric heavy-duty vehicle fit for the digital Europe decade and especially the 2050 goals

Mads Skovsgaard Rasmussen

Project Manager at DFDS

Easy Mile booth presenting AWARD H2020
AWARD H2020 representation
Partners at TRA 2022

The team from the FHO booth that represented AWARD


On Monday 14 November, Florian Enaud, Easy Mile researcher, presented the project during the Smart Solutions and Society session, under the theme Connected and automated multimodal mobility. In his presentation ‘AWARD: Autonomous transportation system for better logistics’, attendees in the AGORA area of the European Commission’s stand learned first-hand about the project’s progress in relation to use cases and the importance of autonomous vehicles in the sector. AWARD presentation was one of the 32 EU-funded R&I projects that were represented by the European Commission Stand. This activity was coordinate by ENIDE, one of the partners who form the AWARD Consortium. 

On Tuesday 15 November in Auditorium II, researcher Josué Manuel Rivera Velazquez from Cerema presented the paper  ‘Towards functional requirements for automated ground transport vehicles operating under harsh weather conditions’ co-written by Josué Manuel Rivera Velazquez and Louahdi Khoudour from Cerema, Martin Reinthaler, Rebecca Ronke from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Ragnhild Wahl and Trond Hovland from ITS Norway as part of the Scientific and technical sessions. 

Abstract: An automated vehicle (AV) needs to translate all human driver capabilities into specific functionalities by using a large number of systems. An AV also depends on external systems which are capable of communicating with it. In the AWARD project, the concept of a System of Systems (SoS) is used to denote a set of four interoperable systems belonging to the Automated Ground goods Transport System (AGTS). This paper proposes a new methodology for defining the Functional Requirements (FR) needed for the AGTS setup. This methodology defines FR concerning Operational Design Domain (ODD)- and AGTS-elements. We first provide a study about the most commonly used sensor systems in AVs. Then, we describe the SoS and an example of the ODD definition. Finally, we illustrate how a list of FR is obtained from the relationship between an ODD and the different elements of the SoS.

On both 15 and 16 November, Florian Enaud from Easy Mile also presented the “Overview of the AWARD by AWARD H2020 project – Scaling autonomous logistics” in the Live Theater, the stage of the interactive zone that was located in the demonstration area.  The project was presented in a broader spectrum, explaining the scope, objectives and challenges involved.

Check out the video of TractEasy, one of the Autonomous Vehicles used as AWARD mules for use cases.

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