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AWARD Final Conference 2024

#AWARDh2020 Welcome HARMONY vision, scope, achievements and Exploitable Results

We have successfully concluded the first of our two final conferences for the groundbreaking three-and-a-half-year AWARD project. The event, held on November 22nd, 2023, in Lyon at the SOLUTRANS event, was a resounding success. We shared remarkable results and insights with participants, showcasing how we tackle challenging weather conditions in real-life logistics operations with safe and efficient connected and automated heavy-duty vehicles.

Building on the momentum of our first final conference, we are thrilled to announce our second and final conference, set to take place on June 13, 2024, at Comet Meetings – Louise, Brussels. This upcoming event represents an exclusive opportunity to further engage with global experts and delve deeper into the advancements and achievements of the AWARD project. It marks a pivotal moment in sustainable and innovative logistics, aiming to shape the future of automation and logistics through insightful discussions, innovative demonstrations, and valuable networking opportunities.

Why Attend?

Calling all professionals and enterprises in the automotive industry! Whether you’re in freight management, logistics operations, regulatory governance, or exploring emerging business models, these conferences are your gateway to a world of groundbreaking advancements in autonomous transportation. Immerse yourself in captivating presentations, be part of this convergence of innovation and collaboration, and let your enterprise thrive in the dynamic landscape of automotive innovation.

Secure your spot now and unlock the potential of tomorrow’s transportation!