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MODI - A Leap Towards SAE L4 Automated Driving Features

MODI is a European cross-border flagship initiative to accelerate the introduction of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) solutions to significantly improve logistic chains. The overall objective of MODI is to accelerate the introduction of connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) vehicles for logistics by demonstrations and to overcome barriers for the roll-out of automated transport systems and solutions in logistics. MODI will focus on the interaction between vehicles and logistics processes, traffic safety, security, optimal utilisation of infrastructure capacity and environment, and recommendations for the optimal design or adaptions of infrastructure. The MODI initiative will demonstrate what is needed to have automated freight transport on an entire corridor through five European countries.

MultiRELOAD - Port Solutions for Sustainable Mobility

MultiRELOAD enhances the collaboration between different freight nodes in Europe to jointly test innovations and create favourable market conditions for multimodal freight transport solutions. To this end, MultiRELOAD will demonstrate solutions in three Innovation Areas with specific aims by 2025, mirroring the measures of the EU’s Smart Mobility Strategy, as follows: A) Smart multimodal logistics: facilitate a shift from road to rail & IWT of 5%; B) Digital & Automated Multimodal Nodes and Corridors: increase operational efficiency by 20 % raise of handling capacity; C) Innovative business models: leading to an average cost reduction of freight transport by 10%.

PoDIUM - Accelerating the implementation of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility technology

PoDIUM – Accelerating the implementation of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility technology. PoDIUM will identify and assess the connectivity and cooperation enablers to reach higher levels of automation and advance important Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) technologies, through a multi-connectivity approach and an interoperable and hybrid data management environment.

SELFY - Developing tools for a cyber secure and trustworthy Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility

The SELFY project develops a toolbox made up of collaborative solutions with the objective to improve the resilience of the Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility sector. The project will conduct research and development on algorithms and technologies to build a set of tools to improve CCAM resilience and guarantee data security and privacy when different data is shared. SELFY’s main goal is to promote a safe and secure operation amongst CCAM vehicles and mobility systems and services, enhancing trust and end-user adoption of CCAM solutions.

SHOW - SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption

SHOW deploys and tests shared, connected and electrified automated mobility in Public Transport (PT), Demand-Responsive Transport (DTR), Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Logistics as a Service (LaaS). CCAV urban demonstrations are taking place in 20 cities across Europe to assess various use cases and business models in real-world conditions. The project fosters replications and defines recommendations to advance the EU’s roadmap on shared automated mobility. It also boosts international collaboration, enhancing networking with the US, Asia and Australia.

SUNRISE - Safety assurance framework for connected, automated mobility Systems

SUNRISE aims to accelerate the safe deployment of Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility systems by developing and demonstrating a commonly accepted and extensible Safety Assurance Framework for the testing and safety validation of a varied range of CCAM systems. SUNRISE will conceive a unified approach to scenario databases and address the absence of safety assessment criteria for CCAM validation.

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