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Airport Use Case

This project targets the development and deployment of safe autonomous transportation systems across various real-life use cases, including the challenging environment of airport operations. The Airport Use Case demonstrates innovative autonomous transportation systems in complex airport environments. This case focuses on automated baggage and goods transportation using the EZTow tractor at Avinor OSL Gardermoen airport in Norway, showcasing how these technologies cope under harsh weather conditions both indoors and outdoors.


The main objective is to demonstrate the capabilities of the autonomous baggage tractor EZTow in transferring goods from proximity storage areas to makeup areas and then to aircraft stands, highlighting the adaptability and efficiency of autonomous vehicles in a critical aviation environment.

The EZTow Vehicle

The EZTow represents the pinnacle of autonomous towing solutions available on the market today. Conceptualized by TractEasy, a joint venture between TLD and EasyMile, it stands as the most advanced system for enhancing material flow between buildings, significantly reducing labor costs and enhancing overall safety.

The EZTow is the industry’s first driverless, electric tow tractor, specifically engineered to enable autonomous material handling in both indoor and outdoor logistics environments, including airports. It embodies the principle of lean logistics by delivering increased safety and flexibility while dramatically reducing operating costs.

Key Features of the EZTow:

  • Advanced Fleet Management: Managed by EasyMile’s fleet management system, EZFleet, the EZTow operates seamlessly, with a design that ensures ease of access and readiness for integration into third-party systems.
  • New Generation AGVs: Marks a significant advancement in AGV technology, optimizing logistics operations through reductions in cost and increases in productivity and safety. Its sophisticated technology equips the tow tractor to handle diverse environmental and traffic conditions, expanding its applicability beyond traditional AGV capabilities.
  • Flexible Material Handling: Both indoor and outdoor logistics operations are fully automated, offering adaptable material handling solutions that minimize the reliance on fixed infrastructure like magnetic tape or reflectors.
  • Operational Efficiency: Ensures rapid and secure operations with speeds of up to 15 km/h in autonomous mode, setting new standards for efficiency and safety in logistics.

This comprehensive suite of features makes the EZTow an ideal solution for modern logistics challenges, enhancing the operational capacity of airports and beyond.

Use Case Description

AWARD’s Airport Use Case involves the EZTow, an autonomous ground support equipment tractor, designed for the efficient transportation of baggage and goods at airports. It operates seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor settings of Avinor OSL Gardermoen airport, demonstrating full autonomy in all weather conditions. This use case aims to replace traditional, labor-intensive methods with a smart, autonomous solution, thereby enhancing operational flexibility and safety. Key phases include:

Delivery and initial setup of the autonomous luggage tractor at Avinor Oslo airport. Objectives were to configure the tractor safely for operational testing.

Conducted production-like operations within a controlled area, including comprehensive operator training.

Implementation of realistic operational tests in active traffic areas, alongside extensive risk analysis to ensure safety for both personnel and equipment.

Partners Involved

For further details, updates, and ongoing progress related to this use case, please visit our blog “AWARD’s Airport Use Case Testing“.

Use Case Port

Container transfer operations and automated boat loading.