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AWARD Survey #4: Automated vehicles in logistics operations

As we approach a significant milestone in the AWARD-H2020 project, we turn to you – industry experts, logistics professionals, and the broader community – to share your valuable insights on automated vehicles in logistics operations.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH is spearheading our 4th acceptance survey; AWARD aims to develop “All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations” and address challenges related to the deployment of automated vehicles in real logistics operations through several strategic use cases that meet market needs, from the factory to logistics hubs and need your feedback!

This survey aims to improve our understanding of what people in everyday life think of automated vehicles as well as their design and functionalities. (*English and French versions available)

Dedicate just 10 minutes to our survey, and make a lasting impact on the logistics industry. 

Hub-to-Hub Automation Example

Hub-to-hub shuttle service from warehouse/production site to logistics hubs

As an example from the AWARD Hub-to-Hub use case, one of the automated trucks has a safety driver on board, but is otherwise traveling autonomously. The truck is driving on an open road and converging from a side road onto a busier road. In order for these automated vehicles to be successfully integrated and accepted in society, we need your feedback in this survey to further our research.


This survey is conducted by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. If you have any questions, please contact: and

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