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AWARD workshop in Vlaardingen

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Photo from left to right: Mads from DFDS, Rebecca from Applied Autonomy, Richard from DFDS, Alexandra and Julian from Easy Mile.

Workshop review

The future of logistics is fast approaching, and the AWARD project consortium is at the forefront of it. On the 15th of March 2023, the consortium partners gathered for an internal workshop at Vlaardingen in South Holland, Netherlands, to work towards the port demonstrator and test three sub-use cases. The workshop was a collaborative effort of DFDS, a leading partner in the AWARD project, with the support of Easy Mile and Applied Autonomy. 

The AWARD project is an H2020-funded project by the European Commission, aiming to enable a safe and efficient connected and autonomous logistic chain through heavy-duty vehicles in real logistics operations. The project is developing and operating safe autonomous transportation systems (ATS) in a wide range of real-life logistic use cases, in a variety of different scenarios. 

The workshop was a crucial step towards the successful implementation of the AWARD project. The demonstration of autonomous driving technology in real logistics operations involves multiple stakeholders, such as vehicle manufacturers, sensor providers, logistics companies, and end-users. Therefore, internal coordination and collaboration are vital for the project’s success. 

The workshop provided an opportunity for the consortium partners to align their objectives, identify potential roadblocks and challenges, and develop solutions to overcome them. During the workshop, the consortium partners focused on getting a common understanding of the operational environment, reviewing the test plan, and setting the first test objectives and performance indicators. They also reviewed software integration between Applied Autonomy, Easy Mile, and DFDS, and set up a planning list to ensure that all steps, from the first tests until the demonstration, were executed efficiently. 

DFDS is leading WP6, “Autonomous driving demonstrations in real logistics operations,” which is responsible for coordinating the four demonstrations (port, airport, hub2hub, and forklift) in the project. The project aims to demonstrate the capabilities of heavy-duty autonomous vehicles in real logistics operations. The project involves leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, such as KAMAG, Terberg, and TLD Group, and providers of sensor and autonomous driving technology. The vehicles will have an advanced sensor and system setup that will enable them to operate in all weather conditions. The vehicles will be demonstrated in real logistics operations with end-users, including Avinor, DB Schenker, Rotax, and DFDS. 

The future of logistics is exciting, and the AWARD project is playing a crucial role in shaping it. The workshop held on the 15th of March 2023 was a significant step towards achieving the project’s objectives. The internal coordination and collaboration among the consortium partners are essential for the successful implementation of the project. With the capabilities of heavy-duty autonomous vehicles, logistics operations are expected to become safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. 

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