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AWARD at the Tech.AD

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Role of AWARD

AWARD H2020 project was represented by CertX, one of its consortium partners, at the Tech.AD event (booth number 13). The conference Which took place in Berlin from March 26 – 28, 2023 is a gathering of various stakeholders in the autonomous and automated driving industry, including OEMs, equipment suppliers, and software and tools developers. 

The Tech.AD event provided a platform for industry experts to exchange ideas, share knowledge and discuss the latest trends and advancements in autonomous and automated driving technology. AWARD’s presence at the tech.AD conference highlighted the rapid advancements being made in the industry towards Level 5 autonomy.

During the event, there were several discussions around regulation, reliability, and safety in autonomous driving technology. As autonomous driving technology advances towards Level 5, it is important for industry experts to address these issues to ensure the safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles.

Overall, AWARD’s participation in the Tech.AD event through CertX showcased the company’s leadership in the development of autonomous driving technology. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for AWARD to connect with other industry experts, showcase their products and services, and learn about the latest developments in the field.


I´d like to highlight the Level 4 operation of public buses in several European cities showcased by ADASETC. Level 3 automation test prototypes showcased at the exposition incl. test rides! However, AWARD was the only company to display Level 5 autonomous operation, which is the highest level of automation in autonomous driving technology.

Jens Henkner

CEO of CertX

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